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A Little About the TEXAS COBRA CLUB

The Texas Cobra Club is a loosely organized gang folks who love to pay homage to one of the coolest automobiles ever built…the Shelby Cobra! The Cobra came to life in Southern California back in the early ’60’s. Carroll Shelby, a semi-retired race car driver and mechanic, merged a light-weight British sport-car with one of the strongest engines that ever came out of Detroit. The result was the Cobra.

While the common thread among our members is our cars, they have never been our focal point. Our motto has always been: “It’s not about the cars, it’s all about the people.”

There are over 350 Shelby Cobras, Daytona Coupe, and GT-40 replicas in Texas. We have Chapters in Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, and El Paso. Most chapters get together about once a month. There are no monthly dues and our get-togethers usually center around breakfast tacos, loaded nachos or some kind of red meat.

In the late spring, usually the last weekend in March or first weekend in April, we hold the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet in San Marcos, TX. For the past few years, the Meet has been held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Marcos, TX. We cruise the Hill Country, get track-time at Harris Hill Raceway, and sit around around in the hotel lobby or parking lot telling lies about out running cops, beating a wise-guy in a ‘Vette, or how many co-eds flashed us wanting a ride.

We also hold a Fall Meet in October. The location varies from year to year, but is usually deep in the Texas Hill Country.

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