2024 Spring Meet - San Marcos, Texas

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2024 Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet

The Event will be held Wednesday, April 3 through Sunday, April 7, 2024 at the Embassy Suite Hotel and Convention Center in San Marcos, TX, about 30 miles south of Austin. Each year this event grows larger and larger. We are now recognized as one of the top Cobra Events in the US. In 2021 we had over 150 Cobras, GT-40s, and Daytona Coupes in San Marcos for our event and almost every manufacturer of Cobras were in attendance. We have drawn attendees from over 30 different states as well as Canada and Mexico.

For inquiries about the event please send an email to kenswalker@gmail.com. Please do not send a text or Direct Message on Facebook.
Update from Ken Walker:

I have received a few emails from first-timers at the Spring Meet and I want to help manage expectations for the event when it comes to daily cruises.

DAILY CRUISES ARE UP TO YOU. We do not have planned daily cruises. Only nightly activities are planned. It is extremely hard to plan a cruise for +100 vehicle and finding a restaurant that could handle a +150 people for lunch is impossible.

So........Find a small group of like-minded folks and make a plan. Usually plans are made over breakfast or in the parking lot before 9:30am. I like to call them “Destination” cruises. Set a time and a place to meet up at and go.

We will have e-maps available for many locations both west and east of I-35.

Stay tuned to the same BAT station for additional pearls of wisdom.

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