TCC Donates to Ohio Cobra Club.


Staff member
Dec 26, 2022
From Pam Beck of the Ohio Cobra Club:

THANK YOU, TCC for your generous donation to the Ohio Cobra Club/London Cobra Show.
The net proceeds of this event goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation earmarked for research. This year’s donation of $270,000 brought the 20 plus years total to over 2.5 million dollars! $21,000 was also donated to the City of London and Madison County for various entities, helping their community because their community helps us!
We are so happy that Ken came to Ohio and graced our stage with his kind words and witty humor. Ken’s presentation included Armadillos, Tito’s and the fact that Texas and Ohio aren’t that far apart.
Thanks to the 8 or so Texans who traveled here to witness, participate and enjoy The London Cobra Show!!
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